Steps - LeJKeys Collective Feat. Mic Holden, Amber Ojeda, Aditya Prakash (live performance)

by LeJKeys Collective, Mic Holden, Amber Ojeda, Aditya Prakash



A large collaboration with the homies from the LeJKeys Collective! Whole take live, no edits! Enjoy!

See the live video here:


"I reminisce, I reminisce..."


released May 12, 2015
LeJKeys Collective feat.
Mic Holden
Amber Ojeda
Aditya Prakash

Instrumental/Project Concept/Production:
Julian Le

Vocal Arrangement/Lyrics:
Mic Holden
Amber Ojeda
Aditya Prakash

Horn Arrangement:
Emile Martinez
Julian Le

String Arrangement:
Julian Le

Mic Holden-Raps
Amber Ojeda-Vocals
Aditya Prakash-Vocals

Horn Section:
Emile Martinez-Trumpet
Hitomi Oba-Tenor Sax
Jonah Levine-Trombone
Mark Einhorn-Alto Sax
Camille Ramirez-Flute

String Section:
Rhea Estelle-Violin
Simone Delea Jones-Violin
David Lee Ruest-Violin

Rhythm Section:
Fabiano Do Nascimento-Guitar
Julian Le-Rhodes/Piano
Owen Clapp-Bass
Brijesh Pandya-Percussion
Jake Jamieson-Percussion
Asa Watkins-Drums

Mixed and recorded at
t h e . b r e a t h
Ken Barrientos

Video Production:
Filmed by Furis and Tony Kim
Edited by Furis



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